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Mountain lion

This is a super fun hunt for folks of all skills and abilities. Typically, the guide to hunter ratio is 1:1 or 2:1 in order to give the hunter the best chance of success.


A mountain lion hunt behind a pack of well-trained hounds is truly an experience of a lifetime!


mule deer

Mule Deer hunting in the Southwest is like no other! We are in the heart of mule deer country and are passionate about chasing them.


Over the past several years we have seen many deer well over the 200" inch mark.  We put the time in scouting and glassing, and love putting the slip on a big southwestern buck. Tags are relatively generous, and it's truly a hunt of a lifetime.  



In Utah, we are very fortunate to be producing some of the highest scoring elk in the west.  We have a relatively generous season and tags. We are one of the only places in the west where we are able to gun hunt the elk rut. 


All of these factors make our elk hunts incredibly fun, with most hunters typically seeing several shooter bulls in a hunt.  We scout hard and do what it takes to see our hunters harvest a trophy quality animal.



The thrill of a fast-pace bear race and getting to see our hounds work is tough to beat.


This is a great hunt for all hunters, and we have a very high success ratio on our bear hunts. We’ve got a strong bear population and are fortunate to be able to show our clients several trophy bears each season. 

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