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our dogs

My great-grandad, Smoke Emmett, started our particular strain of dry ground lion dogs in Southwest Utah.  He was a well known western lion hunter and one of the very first dry ground houndsmen in the Southwest. Over his career he built a pack of cold nosed hounds capable of catching a lion in harsh conditions.  My uncle, Burt Emmett, and my dad, Carl bowler, carried that legacy on and today I continue to refine our dry ground genetics.

I grew up hunting with Burt and my dad and am extremely proud to carry their legacy and build upon the foundation they laid.

We breed a very well rounded hound, that’s proven on bears and lions across North America. These hounds have the drive to hunt every day, the grit to stick with mean game, the nose to drive a cold track and the speed to run one down.

Each year we sell some puppies as well as started dogs. Please feel free to reach out for more information.

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